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Should you buy

Youtube likes?.

This is a question that has plagued all up-and-coming creators: be it a brand or an independent creator. This question is often met with unsolicited moral judgement but keeping the lesson on value education aside, is it a viable choice? And should your brand invest in it?



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  • UC mini is a small-sized and widely used browser available to all the users of Android at free of costto enable easy download. Since UC mini comes in a small packaged fileit occupies minimal space of the device of the

  • Myjio application is the one which is used by the people who use jio’s free service these days. This provides free access to all the services to its users by only becoming a member of it. At first, when a

  • Have you ever been struck with a slow internet connection that ultimately made you stop the video you were watching? Almost everyone comes with this situation. Many of us try to cover up this issue by making these videos offline

UC Mini – A Small Powerful Browser


UC mini is a small-sized and widely used browser available to all the users of Android at free of costto enable easy download. Since UC mini comes in a small packaged fileit occupies minimal space of the device of the users and can be easily installed from the 9apps store which also provides a large variety of apps and games to the end users. Recently, UC mini has come up with a new version of which includes newly added features in order to enhance the browsing experience and make it smoother and convenient for the users.


UC Mini vs. Competitive browsers. Who stands out?

There are plenty of browsers available in various app stores accessible to Android users. Popular browsers from Google and Microsoft are in the market for a while now and most of us have used it at some point in time. So what makes UC mini a stand out from its competitors? UC mini provides extensive features that are not available in any of the other browsers. Features that make the user experience more friendly find a larger number of audience and all this at a mere meager size.



What’s new in the latest version?

As evident from its history, UC mini is used to browse the web and surf the internet at a faster speed and does all this by consuming less percentage of the data pack. Along with the enumerable interesting and exciting features that are not available in other browsers. It has been enhanced with additional features making it even more popular among the users.


      • The most sort after feature of this browser is its regular updates of the app in order to refine its existing features, replacing it with new ones.
      • Inbuilt Download Manager – UC mini has its own distinctive inbuilt download manager that lets you manage your downloads easily.
      • Full Screen – UC Mini allows viewing of a video in a full-screen mode, an option that is missing in many competitive browsers
      • Night Mode – The night mode option in UC mini allows the users to access the content for a longer period of time cause less strain to the eyes.
      • Data Compression – The most important feature of a browser is to ensure minimum data is consumed while surfing or browsing a website. UC mini’s data compression technology ensures a higher rate of optimization making it a standout winner among the users.
      • Pop-up Blocker – UC Mini has a built-in Ad Blocker that prevents the ads from popping up while, browsing through any website. This provides a hassle-free browsing experience to the users.
      • UC Cloud – This feature provides the user with an option of storing 6 GB worth of their data in cloud services for free if they are running out of storage in their device.


All in all, if you are searching for a browsing software with a smooth downloading experience then UC mini is a perfect choice and is easily available for download in 9apps store.


Should you buy Youtube likes?



This is a question that has plagued all up-and-coming creators: be it a brand or an independent creator. This question is often met with unsolicited moral judgement but keeping the lesson on value education aside, is it a viable choice? And should your brand invest in it?


This is a question that swarms the mailbox of digital marketing agencies. And now we are here to answer it.


Standing out online is hard


Competition to grow and stand out in the online world has never been this intense. 743 million people access the internet in cities during the pandemic. When almost everybody is on the internet, it is very hard to rely solely on organic marketing efforts to get your brand noticed. Additionally, organic marketing efforts requires bucketloads of patience and a very stable financial backing for your brand. Strangely, not buying likes may actually waste more money, human resources and efforts than buying likes would. And this is why people resort to inorganic methods like buying Youtube likes, views or even subscribers.


Does your business need it?


It is very easy to buy Youtube likes but not every creator may need it. The very first thing you must consider before buying likes is: does my business need it? There are multiple businesses that don’t generate leads or concentrate their business on the video-sharing platform. Therefore, to buy Youtube likes for such a business would not be advisable. But if you do have an actual use of the platform, then you may consider buying Youtube likes.


Increases chances of likability


Sadly, great content does not imply great viewership and subsequently, great perception. If there are not a significant amount of views and likes, leads won’t even blink twice before scrolling past your video. People are constantly looking for content that is popular (marked by metrics like views, subscribers and likes) because they are normally influenced by other’s opinions.



Increases visibility


More likes, according to the algorithm, implies more interaction. More interaction directly implies that your video will appear on the first page of Google Search Results. And we all know, nobody really clicks on the second page of search results. Staying at the top of the search results builds an aura of credibility and your leads are more likely to actually consider consuming your product/service.


Support organic engagement with inorganic methods


Lastly, if you are planning to use inorganic methods to increase reach, make sure you at least have some organic engagement on your videos. It doesn’t have to look blatantly inorganic because buying likes implies that there will be barely any activity in the comments section. And every user looks at the comment section before or while watching the video to gauge if it is worth continuing. You have to make sure that inorganic methods of marketing are only used to support the already existing organic reach your content is amassing.


Be strategic or you will get banned or suspended


Youtube’s guidelines will provoke the video-sharing platform to actually ban and suspend you if you are found guilty of buying likes, views or subscribers. Therefore, the key to do it is to be strategic and start small. Buying 100 likes and then moving on to buying 1000 likes is the sensible way of indulging in this practice.


When It Comes To An App Store Then Definitely, The 9apps Store Has No Competitor


Today the users live in the world of apps where everything, every work is done by the apps. All of this is the beneficial result of the internet and the high use of online stuff. Using the apps and internet things has increased quite rapidly and this is the most highlighted features of the 21st century. Technology and tech-related things in real life are the most beneficial results. Using the apps on a daily basis help the people to get advanced in many ways and as a result, the overall lifestyle has improved quite a lot. The apps store are the main source of apps. Apart from the official Android app store, people are preferring the 9apps store these days.


Why the 9apps store is so popular among the users

9apps is totally a free app that provides all of the apps for free. Now just imagine an ocean of apps where you are surrounded by apps and apps – that is the 9apps store. The 9apps store is the Android app store, quite popular among the users after the official Android app store. Even a lot of users say it is better than the Android app store. The main reason for the popularity is because the app is free, all the apps here are free and even the paid apps of the playstore are available here for free. The size of the app is not so high and it takes less space on your gadget. The user interface is quite friendly and the 9apps store recommends similar apps of preference for you. You can find every android app of every genre here. The download speed is fast than any other app store available and the latest e-life with 9apps edition has proven useful for the users.


Why it is not available on playstore

The 9apps is not available on playstore because of the copyright issues and the official android market doesn’t have the copyright of the 9apps. That is why you need to download it separately. The app is secure, safe, virus free, malware free and has lesser bugs. The developers push very frequent updates and the previous version bugs get fixed with the update.


How to download the 9apps

The download process of the 9apps Apk has to be done by some steps followed, as you have to download it separately.

      • First search for the 9apps Apk download and then check the results.
      • There will be many results shown on the search engine as it is a popular app. Choose any one of them and start downloading the APK.
      • After the APK downloading is finished, go to the security settings and turn on the unknown sources.
      • After then go to the downloaded APK file and start installing it.
      • Wait for few seconds till the installation is finished.


Your 9apps store is ready and you are ready to use the apps of your preferences. The 9apps Apk has a lot of interesting and exciting features that you will love to explore.


Where To Find MyjioApk


Myjio application is the one which is used by the people who use jio’s free service these days. The jio was founded by Mukesh Ambani in the year 2007. This service was provided by the parent company, Reliance Industries Limited. This provides free access to all the services to its users by only becoming a member of it. At first, when a person purchases a jio sim he just has to become a prime member of the company and then he gets the gateway to access all the services he wants to at very cheap rates. The internet and voice calls are made free by the company as considering it to be a basic need of the era. Now, there are approximately 307 million users of this service accessing all the services made available for them. Thus, jio is a company that is flourishing immensely in today’s world and is serving a lot of people these days.



How to use myjio app?

      • Myjio application can be installed from the play store by the Android users and they can get access to all the other services which are provided by the myjio Apk, such as the jio cinema, jio music, and jio tv. These all applications are made accessible for the jio users which is an easy way to entertain themselves without any hassle.


What is myjio apk?

      • Myjio Apk is the jio application for android application which lets the android users install this apk file in their devices and get access to all the other services for free just by being a jio prime member. This apk file is available for free on the play store and is in a compact which makes it user-friendly without causing any problem or hampering the working of the other applications installed in a person’s phone. Thus, this jio application can also be used to get the information about the current offers and the ongoing plans on your number just by a click.


Is myjio app safe to use?

      • Yes, myjio application is safe to use and is feasible to install from the internet without any hassle. It does carry any hidden terms and conditions along with it and just like other applications can be downloaded and installed from the play store and can be accessed and used on one’s device without any problem.




Jio services have made it a lot easier for all the people to connect to the internet by launching their jio phones as well which is 4G and is equipped with all the luxuries that any android phone requires. This makes it possible for the people to connect through each other in a better way and communicate without any barriers. The network range of jio is also brilliant as the company has good care of all the regions which need network towers in that area so as to maintain the brilliant speed it is known for. All these features of jio makes it one the best networks. Its very easy to find myjioApk if you have accessto internet.


The Vidmate app is the real deal today for unlimited fun


This is the 21st century where the technology things stay at its peak. This timeline will be remembered for so many things and without any doubt, the technology feature ones will always stay highlighted. The real-life technology applications are useful in so many ways. As a result, people get used to internet things, online stuff and the overall lifestyle has improved a lot. The latest technology features are inventing on a daily basis and so are the applications. Today a single day that is spent without the internet can’t be imagined. There are tons of apps available to entertain the people throughout the day. People love to consume media and the most usage is seen in the media apps. Talking about the media apps, here comes the vidmate.


What is Vidmate app

Checking the internet and social media networks are all about media consuming and it is observed that the way media is consuming these days is higher than any other segment’s use. Nowadays almost every people are busy and have a hectic work schedule. At the end of the day, they look for relaxation, goodsleep and some stress-free experiences with the internet. That is why people love to watch things and videos on the internet. If the video is pretty much on their interest then they download it, share it and save it on their devices. The devices contain a lot of apps and there are some video downloader apps too but it is hardly user-friendly. Vidmate is the only app that can be used for downloading various contents on the internet and it has been quite popular among the users.



What the Vidmate app offers

Vidmateis one of the best apps and probably the only app that offers to download videos from the internet as well as to see videos, tv shows, web series, and other media consumption. The app is quite popular among the users and there is no doubt it is user-friendly. You can download videos from anywhere on the internet. The app offers you to download videos up to full HD resolution and the same while watching videos and contents on the internet. The app is not too large and it is totally safe and secure.


How to download the app

It can be downloaded by Vidmate downloader. The app is not available on the general android play store because of copyright issues. So to getthe app you have to download it separately. Here are the steps to download it.

      • Go to the search engine and start searching for the Vidmate downloader.
      • There will be tons of results shown, from there download and install the Vidmate downloader.
      • Then use the Vidmate downloader to download the Vidmate APK.
      • Now go to the APK on your device and start installing it.
      • After the installation is finished, you are ready to use the app.

The Vidmate app offers a ton of user-friendly services and it is quite good to have an app like this to get entertained for all day. When it comes to entertainment, Vidmate is a must have app.


How To Get Videomate Apps


Welcome to the world where you could download videos and games at just the click of a button. The application of videomate was made or designed as a game rental store along with being a video rental as well. The software of quality which is developed by its parent company Grensoft is a free application to rent videos and DVDs alike. The latest version of the website is user-friendly and helps in browsing movies and videos and also enables their user to download it.  a user who knows to operate the basic knowledge of computer software can download and operate this application very easily. The application will change/convert the video downloading file into the format of the vidiomate apps, enabling the user to view movies and videos at ease and of high quality for free.


Download videomate app

The videomate application is a branch company of the infamous vidmate application. The vidmate enabled the user to download quality videos too but then only difference being the vidmate app downloaded short one to five minutes videos, whereas the Videomate apps one is capable to download an entire movie by themselves. A user with limited know-how of the leading web browsers like can easily operate the following app and get the desired links to either watch the movie online or download its HD quality (with subtitles) for free.

The following facilities like the Barcode, searchable database and enabling backup are some features which make different from the rest of the free moving downloading application in the market. The app will give the best user experience by downloading the most varied movies and web-series from around the internet. This application can also hold a colossal amount of data. Downloadable from any leading web developmental software this app only requires your name, date of birth and a password to operate and you are good for further operation.


Database of vidomate

The database of videomates apps can also be prized with two thumbs up. It is because of the large storage space it contains and the easy step by stepprocess by which the user is capable of downloading

      1. Type the name of the desired movie/web-series
      2. Select the desired genre
      3. Do mention the MPAA rating of the video
      4. Put the number of your credit/debit card
      5. Finalize the process by choosing the desired format for the movie from BlueRay or DVD

Distribution of offers and gift card are some of the major specialties which hold the interest of its potential customers.


Arresting features

      1. This application has rate options and membership timeline options
      2. The module of videomate apps is from the point of sale
      3. It had lage spacing for keeping data
      4. These also have fair link with all kinds of web browser
      5. Protection of the cutomer’s personal identity is top priority.
      6. It has a paintable manual

Download the latest version of the vidiomat and escape the potential buging and get the best quality videos.

An Inexpensive Way to Have It All- 9Apps


9 apps is an extraordinary app distribution platform.  It offers a wide variety of apps, games, themes, wallpapers, ringtones and what not to the users. 9apps acts as a one stops shop providing services and catering to various needs of people. The app store which is an alternative of Google playstore is secure, user friendly and completely free of cost.


Are there any benefits?

      • The app provides an in depth and comprehensive cooperation opportunities. For instance, testing, technical support, SDK integration guidance and financial consultancy.
      • 9Apps is extremely cost effective
      • The appstore has a huge user base across various countries.
      • The appstore is renowned for its rapid downloading speed. It provides for rapid download as well as batch download of its themes, applications, games, wallpapers and ringtones. The appstore also enables users to pause as well as resume downloading whenever required giving a pleasant user friendly experience.
      • Personalised and localised app recommendations are made.
      • It is extremely safe to use. The security from virus and malware is guaranteed.
      • Covering media, news, lifestyle and all other aspects of digital existence, 9apps houses rich content.
      • Provision of enabling data compression is present so as to minimise data cost.
      • Latest, exclusive and premium quality apps are found here.


Is it free of cost?

Providing such great experience to the digital generation it comes as a surprise that 9apps is totally free. It houses no such app which requires the users to pay a premium or to pay for downloading the app. This puts 9apps far ahead Google’s playstore where a number of apps are present which require the users to pay a premium on their downloads.  All the apps available on 9 apps are completely free of cost. What is more surprising is that being 9 apps free download it also allows the users to download those apps for free which are categorised under premium apps in Google playstore.


Is the appstore secure from virus?

Apart from being extremely economical, 9apps is also very safe.  The security policies are commendable of 9apps ensuring that every user’s safety in security is guaranteed.  Regular rounds of security checks helps keep the appstore free of any virus, malware, adware and unnecessary elements.A strict screening of all apps ensures that no virus affected app enters the appstore.

The platform is also very easy to use and simple. The downloading procedure is extremely easy and so is using the appstore. After the software has been downloaded it just requires the users to search their desired apps on the homepage of 9apps. 9apps is the best app to satisfy the gaming and other needs of the users while also being secure from virus or Trojan attack.  The apps are organised into a number of categories making it convenient for the users to search for their desired app.9apps provide an incredible experience at a cheap price and thus is very popular. Users have to pay nothing at all as a price for such an extraordinary appstore.


Try Vidmate App For The Best Video Viewing Experience


If you are on a hunt of a third party application which is going to help you get all the latest videos which might be present on the internet, then your search is over as Vidmate appis there for you which would allow you download some of the best content from the internet. With the application, you are going to experience some of the best features which might be available on a video viewing application. Below are some of the question asked frequently by people who haven’t used the application before and are thinking to use it, so if you have some questions regarding the same then, do read it out.


How much does it cost for downloading and installing the application?

You would be surprised to know that there is absolutely no cost attached to the application. The application to free to download from any of the websites which are available on the internet.


Does the application offer Fast download of videos?

Yes! The application allows the fast download of the videos which are available on it. With this fast download, you are going to save a lot on the cellular data charges as the upload of data is going to stop. So not only you can download the videos from the application you are also going to save a lot of data from it.



Is watching videos on the application free?

If you are thinking that these videos which you might be watching on the application are going to cost you some or the other amount then you are surely wrong. There is absolutely no amount that would be charged from you when you are using the application. All the videos which are present on the application are free of cost and you can enjoy them whenever you like.


What would happen if the device gets switched off during a download?

This is one problem that most of the applications have when you are performing one or the other kind of download. The data which youmight be downloading just go down the drain when you are performing the download and hence you have to perform the download from the beginning. But, when you are using Vidmate you no longer have to worry about it. The application supports the pause and resumes feature which is going to help you a lot in these conditions. If any of the situations occurs in which your device switches off, the download which might be taking place is going to pause and you can resume the download when the conditions are going to be favorable. Not only you these downloads can be paused and resumed when the device gets switched off but also according to your will. You can pause and resume any download you want.


Download Vidmate app if you want to enjoy the latest movies and avail the features the website provides. So, don’t waste any other second and download it fast.


Download Videos From Any Platform With Videomate Install


Have you ever been struck with a slow internet connection that ultimately made you stop the video you were watching? Almost everyone comes with this situation. Many of us try to cover up this issue by making these videos offline and then watching them. But the offline videos consume space in our device and the content isn’t even available out of the app. But when it comes to desktop, there is no way out to a slow internet connection. So if you are thinking to get a solution for all this, you have the choice to get an app to download these videos into your device. Videomate install is the app that will make you out from this internet problem, and you can watch the downloaded video number of times you want.


What are its various features?

The amazing technology offered you with Videomate app help you in the utilization of all of its features. Be it songs, serials, music or even HD videos, all of these can be downloaded at your ease. There are various platforms like Vine, Tumblr, YouTube,etc. that offer you video content. The striking features of this app include:

    • It is an all-rounder app that avails you downloading of the videos in just a single click.
    • The userinterface is simple and sober so that even people with no good knowledge of the app can also use it.
    • It contains an additional search tool so that you can save your time as well as efforts in searching the videos or websites.
    • The app also offers you with advanced download technology so as these videos are available to you at high speed.
    • The app can be run on 2G and 3G network as well.
    • There is also the facility of multiple downloads at a single timing.
    • You can get live TV option and watch your favorite Indian serials online.
    • There is a horizontal line to manage your playlist easily.






How to install the app?

The Videomate install can be obtained from the various websites to install in your phone. You can also download the app from 9apps and install it over your device. There is just the requirement of little permission, and you are ready to install the app.






What are the advantages?

The prominent use of this app is that you can enjoy your favorite content without any imposed regulations. The other benefits of the app are:

    • The app can download any multimedia content without any signup process
    • There are no advertisements included in the app to appear between your scrolling and downloading.
    • You can filter the content based on artists, age and genre.
    • The app is completely safe for your phone. It contains no hidden virus or threat for your device.
    • The app is free of cost to avail all of its features.
    • The app will also offer more than about 200 live TV channels to watch live your favorite serials.


The Videomate install onceafter installation can make you download videos from any platform or website. You can now easily avoid the slow net connection.

Manage your Jio Account with MyJio app


There was once a time where there were many players in the telecom industry. But with the coming of Reliance Jio, there was a huge shift in the telecom industry in India. The amazing plans that they introduced brought a huge number of customers to their subscriber base. In addition to these telecom services, they also offered complimentary subscription to music, magazines, movies, etc. Everything of a Jio sim could be managed with a single parent app called MyJio App. We shall explore it in this article.


#1 Jio Account and services

With MyJio, you can easily check your account balance and validity. You can also link multiple Jio accounts and manage them for your friends and family. This ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy uninterrupted mobile services and all that the internet has to offer.


#2 Notifications

Jio has made it possible to remind customers about the due date for recharge and bill payment, plan expiry and find the list in the notification box.


#3 Vouchers and discounts

Gone are the times where you used to pay the full amount to recharge your account. Now, with amazing offers and discounts from the company, along with the vouchers that you earn elsewhere, you can reduce the money draining from your pocket towards the mobile services.

Also, if you wish to gift these services to your loved ones or even pay for them, you can purchase the vouchers and transfer them to their accounts so that they redeem them when necessary.



#4 Home delivery option

Even if you do not own a Jio sim card now, you can always download the app, register your mobile with your existing number and order a Jio sim card to be delivered home. You may also choose to port out from your current mobile operator to Jio – sim card will be delivered to your home.


#5 Solving the queries

The app has a separate FAQ page where you can find solutions that may occur while using the app. Also, there are videos and tips to help you make the best of Jio. In case you need further help, Jio experts are always available to sort your problem out.


#6 Download other Jio Apps

The app also contains one-stop links to all the other Jio apps that come complimentary to Jio subscription. With this, you can see which Jio apps you have already installed, which ones need to be installed and which ones are to be updated and so on.


#7 Other smart features

With MyJio, you can find information regarding your subscription plans, track your usage details, access your account statements of the past six months, raise service requests and track them, locate various JioNet hotspots and get connected to them and locate the nearest Jio store for any queries or issues.

With these features and excellent customer services, MyJio is one of the leading apps available for Jio users. It is a one-stop solution to all yourmobile data needs and the management of your account with Jio. All the best!!


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