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Manage your Jio Account with MyJio app.

Manage your Jio Account with MyJio app


There was once a time where there were many players in the telecom industry. But with the coming of Reliance Jio, there was a huge shift in the telecom industry in India. The amazing plans that they introduced brought a huge number of customers to their subscriber base. In addition to these telecom services, they also offered complimentary subscription to music, magazines, movies, etc. Everything of a Jio sim could be managed with a single parent app called MyJio App. We shall explore it in this article.


#1 Jio Account and services

With MyJio, you can easily check your account balance and validity. You can also link multiple Jio accounts and manage them for your friends and family. This ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy uninterrupted mobile services and all that the internet has to offer.


#2 Notifications

Jio has made it possible to remind customers about the due date for recharge and bill payment, plan expiry and find the list in the notification box.


#3 Vouchers and discounts

Gone are the times where you used to pay the full amount to recharge your account. Now, with amazing offers and discounts from the company, along with the vouchers that you earn elsewhere, you can reduce the money draining from your pocket towards the mobile services.

Also, if you wish to gift these services to your loved ones or even pay for them, you can purchase the vouchers and transfer them to their accounts so that they redeem them when necessary.



#4 Home delivery option

Even if you do not own a Jio sim card now, you can always download the app, register your mobile with your existing number and order a Jio sim card to be delivered home. You may also choose to port out from your current mobile operator to Jio – sim card will be delivered to your home.


#5 Solving the queries

The app has a separate FAQ page where you can find solutions that may occur while using the app. Also, there are videos and tips to help you make the best of Jio. In case you need further help, Jio experts are always available to sort your problem out.


#6 Download other Jio Apps

The app also contains one-stop links to all the other Jio apps that come complimentary to Jio subscription. With this, you can see which Jio apps you have already installed, which ones need to be installed and which ones are to be updated and so on.


#7 Other smart features

With MyJio, you can find information regarding your subscription plans, track your usage details, access your account statements of the past six months, raise service requests and track them, locate various JioNet hotspots and get connected to them and locate the nearest Jio store for any queries or issues.

With these features and excellent customer services, MyJio is one of the leading apps available for Jio users. It is a one-stop solution to all yourmobile data needs and the management of your account with Jio. All the best!!


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