“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.” — Jeff Atwood

Standing out online is hard

Should you buy Youtube likes?.

Should you buy Youtube likes?



This is a question that has plagued all up-and-coming creators: be it a brand or an independent creator. This question is often met with unsolicited moral judgement but keeping the lesson on value education aside, is it a viable choice? And should your brand invest in it?


This is a question that swarms the mailbox of digital marketing agencies. And now we are here to answer it.


Standing out online is hard


Competition to grow and stand out in the online world has never been this intense. 743 million people access the internet in cities during the pandemic. When almost everybody is on the internet, it is very hard to rely solely on organic marketing efforts to get your brand noticed. Additionally, organic marketing efforts requires bucketloads of patience and a very stable financial backing for your brand. Strangely, not buying likes may actually waste more money, human resources and efforts than buying likes would. And this is why people resort to inorganic methods like buying Youtube likes, views or even subscribers.


Does your business need it?


It is very easy to buy Youtube likes but not every creator may need it. The very first thing you must consider before buying likes is: does my business need it? There are multiple businesses that don’t generate leads or concentrate their business on the video-sharing platform. Therefore, to buy Youtube likes for such a business would not be advisable. But if you do have an actual use of the platform, then you may consider buying Youtube likes.


Increases chances of likability


Sadly, great content does not imply great viewership and subsequently, great perception. If there are not a significant amount of views and likes, leads won’t even blink twice before scrolling past your video. People are constantly looking for content that is popular (marked by metrics like views, subscribers and likes) because they are normally influenced by other’s opinions.



Increases visibility


More likes, according to the algorithm, implies more interaction. More interaction directly implies that your video will appear on the first page of Google Search Results. And we all know, nobody really clicks on the second page of search results. Buy youtube subscribers. Staying at the top of the search results builds an aura of credibility and your leads are more likely to actually consider consuming your product/service.


Support organic engagement with inorganic methods


Lastly, if you are planning to use inorganic methods to increase reach, make sure you at least have some organic engagement on your videos. It doesn’t have to look blatantly inorganic because buying likes implies that there will be barely any activity in the comments section. And every user looks at the comment section before or while watching the video to gauge if it is worth continuing. You have to make sure that inorganic methods of marketing are only used to support the already existing organic reach your content is amassing.


Be strategic or you will get banned or suspended


Youtube’s guidelines will provoke the video-sharing platform to actually ban and suspend you if you are found guilty of buying likes, views or subscribers. Therefore, the key to do it is to be strategic and start small. Buying 100 likes and then moving on to buying 1000 likes is the sensible way of indulging in this practice.


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