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They don’t like the way you’re using the term ‘crypto’.

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They don’t like the way you’re using the term ‘crypto’

When it comes to cryptography, you’ll see that the term crypto refers to computer-aided encoding and decoding of information, which is defined as “computerized coding and decoding”. However, if you search for “crypto” on Google, you’ll see many top results pointing to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Cryptographers have been grappling with this shift for years, repeating the rallying cry “Crypto means crypto” on social media.

“‘Crypto’ for decades has been used as shorthand and as a prefix for things related to cryptography,” said Amie Stepanovich, executive director of Silicon Flatirons Center at the University of Colorado Law School and creator of the pro-cryptography T-shirts, which have become a hit at conferences. “In fact, in the term cryptocurrency, the prefix crypto refers back to cryptography.”

In the Cryptography crowd, the emphasis is on precision – after all, if you get a little bit wrong in designing or cracking codes, it can blow up the whole arrangement, as Parker Higgins, of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, points out.
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