“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.” — Jeff Atwood

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UC Mini – A Small Powerful Browser.

UC Mini – A Small Powerful Browser


UC mini is a small-sized and widely used browser available to all the users of Android at free of costto enable easy download. Since UC mini comes in a small packaged fileit occupies minimal space of the device of the users and can be easily installed from the 9apps store which also provides a large variety of apps and games to the end users. Recently, UC mini has come up with a new version of which includes newly added features in order to enhance the browsing experience and make it smoother and convenient for the users.


UC Mini vs. Competitive browsers. Who stands out?

There are plenty of browsers available in various app stores accessible to Android users. Popular browsers from Google and Microsoft are in the market for a while now and most of us have used it at some point in time. So what makes UC mini a stand out from its competitors? UC mini provides extensive features that are not available in any of the other browsers. Features that make the user experience more friendly find a larger number of audience and all this at a mere meager size.



What’s new in the latest version?

As evident from its history, UC mini is used to browse the web and surf the internet at a faster speed and does all this by consuming less percentage of the data pack. Along with the enumerable interesting and exciting features that are not available in other browsers. It has been enhanced with additional features making it even more popular among the users.


      • The most sort after feature of this browser is its regular updates of the app in order to refine its existing features, replacing it with new ones.
      • Inbuilt Download Manager – UC mini has its own distinctive inbuilt download manager that lets you manage your downloads easily.
      • Full Screen – UC Mini allows viewing of a video in a full-screen mode, an option that is missing in many competitive browsers
      • Night Mode – The night mode option in UC mini allows the users to access the content for a longer period of time cause less strain to the eyes.
      • Data Compression – The most important feature of a browser is to ensure minimum data is consumed while surfing or browsing a website. UC mini’s data compression technology ensures a higher rate of optimization making it a standout winner among the users.
      • Pop-up Blocker – UC Mini has a built-in Ad Blocker that prevents the ads from popping up while, browsing through any website. This provides a hassle-free browsing experience to the users.
      • UC Cloud – This feature provides the user with an option of storing 6 GB worth of their data in cloud services for free if they are running out of storage in their device.


All in all, if you are searching for a browsing software with a smooth downloading experience then UC mini is a perfect choice and is easily available for download in 9apps store.


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